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Sabaai Ozaku
tokyo, hamura-shi, ozakudai 1-2-17, kinokuniya building 3F

Near station:JR oume 「ozaku」station
TEL:  042-578-8825
OPEN:  15:00~LAST (365days)


Thaimassage price
Thaimassage(60min) 6,000yen
Thaimassage(90min) 9,000yen
Thaimassage(120min) 12,000yen
Oilmassage(with shower) price
Oilmassage(60min) 9,000yen
Oilmassage(90min) 12,000yen
Oilmassage(120min) 15,000yen
Extension 30min 3000yen
Nomination 1000yen
  • ★Credit cart OK.
    (Perfect payment-in-advance system) with no additional charge
    please feel easy.
  • ★Our shop is making business do for the purpose of being allowed to provide a visitor with healing and peacefulness, is merely, and is.。
  • ★Doping persons refuse an ON store.
  • ★The direction where our shop has a tattoo refuses an ON store. (onepoint OK)


You exit from the east gate of JR Oume Line OZAKU, you can see the signboard of sabaai diagonally in front on your left.